5 Best Hydroponics Plants List: Easy to grow and care

5 Best Hydroponics Plants List: Easy to grow and care
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In this article, we have summed up 5 Best Hydroponics Plants list that you can grow in your home hydroponic garden.

If you are a plant enthusiast who lacks gardening space outside, you would probably consider growing a home garden. Hydroponic systems is a popular way using which you can follow your passion, even if you lack space.

People often wonder which plant they can grow using hydroponic. The answer is you can grow any plant. However, which one survives and flourishes is the matter of question.

Hydroponics plants list

Leafy Plants

Hydroponics Plants
Leafy Vegetables through Hydroponics

If you are a beginner and don’t have a lot of knowledge about planting, these should be the plants to pick. These are considered the easiest to include in a hydroponic garden. Whether you opt for lettuce or spinach is your choice. But both the plants can grace your hydroponic garden and are the best hydroponics plants. These would survive in this environment and would flourish as well. Both lettuce and spinach grow pretty fast in hydroponic systems. You would be able to have a harvest if you take proper care of the plants. Leafy plants can survive in different types of hydroponic system. Therefore, you would not have to worry about which method to pick. If you decide to opt for lettuce, you could use a variation of lights as lettuce does not really need a lot of light to survive.


Image Source: Image by Trần Anh from Pixabay

This is a hydroponic friendly plant. The beginners would find growing this plant a learning experience. However, you would have to be a little careful about growing tomato plants. The fruits are weighting. This is why tomatoes can trip the planting jar. You would have to set up a system which could support the tomato plants. There are systems which can support heavy plants. Tomatoes grow well in warm environments. Therefore, you need to ensure that your plant gets enough warmth. Also, you would have to make sure that the plant gets a cooler environment at night. This is a great plant to grow with a hydroponic system.


Hydroponics Plants

Image Source: Image by Tou Chou from Pixabay

Harvesting strawberries with hydroponics is easy. These plants get enough nutrients to grow when you use a hydroponic system. Also, strawberries grow faster with this system. Therefore, you can use a hydroponic system to grow strawberries. These plants consume a high amount of water. This is why – strawberries grow faster when harvested using hydroponic. There are many hydroponic systems available. It might be a question which system would be suitable for the plant. NFT is the most used system when it comes to harvesting strawberries. The method would allow the fruit to hang in the air. It would be easy to harvest strawberries this way. Mild temperature is the best one for harvesting strawberries. It has been seen that the growth of strawberries slows down with temperature getting harsher. In intense summer or winter, the growth may stop.

You would have to pay attention to the light though. This plant needs a lot of light to survive. Therefore, you would have to provide the essential to the plant for proper growth.


Hydroponics plants list

Image Source: Image by Alexey Hulsov from Pixabay

If you like cucumber, you can opt for this plant to harvest with hydroponic. The plant can grow quickly with this system. It is so like tomatoes. This plant grows well in hydroponic setup. However, you would have to pay attention to the type of cucumber you are choosing for the harvest. You could either choose bush or vining. If you are a beginner and have little idea about planting, vining can be a difficult type of harvest. This is because vining would require support when they grow. The type needs room to harvest.

If you are harvesting the cucumber plant indoor, you should pot for the bush type. This plant needs less space. You would be able to grow this without hassle inside your garage. Cucumbers grow very fast. For this the plant needs plenty of lights. You would have to provide the plant the required light. For proper growth the plant needs sunlight for more than 10 hours a day.


It is easy to grow mint with a hydroponic system. You can start harvesting mint from the seeds. It takes only 15 days for the seed to germinate. Any hydroponic system will work for mint plantation. However, you need to remember that mint grows really fast and creates a bush or spreads across the plantation bed quickly. This is why you need to keep trimming the plant.


Above hydroponics plants list is just a teaser, there are other plants like basil or kale which grow well with this system. However, here you get the most popular plants to grow hydroponically.   



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