The Ultimate Guide to Orchid Flowers: Exploring the Different Types and Varieties

The Ultimate Guide to Orchid Flowers: Exploring the Different Types and Varieties
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Decoration with orchids flowers makes events, weddings, and celebrations lavish and complete. This tropical flowering plant even makes your indoors and outdoors attractive, as it thrives in a comprehensive range of patterns, shapes, and colors across different foliage types.

Belong to the Orchidaceae family, orchids are a widespread and diverse group of flowering plants with frequently fragrant and colorful outcomes. Those with luxury gardens must seek the various types of orchid flowers.

In this article, we will discuss the different kinds of orchids and their names with pictures to help you choose the best species of your choice.

List of different types of Orchid Flowers

1. Encyclia Orchids:

Also called cockleshell orchids or clamshell orchids, this variety can thrive for various months at a time. These orchid flowers include around 100 species and are epiphytes with natural environments ranging from dry, hot climates to misty rainforests. Acyclia has a strap, fleshy leaves and a tendency to encircle flowers in various colors, such as brown, green, maroon or white.

orchid flowers
  • Botanical name: Encyclia cochleata
  • Flower color: Brown, purple, green, yellow, and fuchsia

2. Phalaenopsis Orchids:

Phalaenopsis Orchid is one of the common varieties on this orchid species list. Also known as the moth orchid, it blooms in maximum humidity and can’t withstand cold climates. Native to Australia and Southeast Asia, they are one of the easiest-to-find cultivators, even available in the nearby supermarket. It comprises about 78 species. These orchid flowers typically bloom in shades of yellow, white, peach, pink, or purple. Indisputably, the plant continues to bloom for a long time without losing its aroma.

orchid flowers
  • Botanical name: Phalaenopsis amabilis
  • Flower colour: Purple, peach, pink, yellow and white

3. Cattleya Orchids:

This is the most common orchid species name; cattleya has a robust and ruffled look, offering a fragrance like vanilla. Sometimes known as the corsage orchid, the cattleya genus has over 120 varieties, typically from South America. This lithophytic or epiphytic plant grows from pseudobulbs, which collect water and nutrients. In addition, they are less difficult to care for, and even beginner orchid growers can successfully get them to bloom.

Best orchid variety
  • Botanical name: Cattleya
  • Flower colour: All colours, excluding blue

4. Paphiopedilum Orchids:

This is one amongst the best orchid variety due to being bloom under most lighting conditions and low maintenance. Commonly known as lady slipper orchids, it is a genus with hundreds of hybrids and about 80 species. Paphiopedilum is typically flourished from seed into some plants. Hybridized plants produce striped or spotted orchid flowers that can last longer and have different foliage.

kinds of orchids and their names
  • Botanical name: Cypripedium acaule
  • Flower color: Green, purple and white

5. Lycaste Orchids:

The next name we have is Lycaste Orchids in the list of different kinds of orchids and their names. Native to Mexico, this variety produces broad leaves and waxy flowers in addition to having round pseudobulbs. They are oval and flat as well as the plant produces various buds at a time. Bloom comes from this variety smells exactly like cinnamon. Most Lycaste orchid flowers are medium, averaging approximately 5 to 10 cm. 

kinds of orchids and their names
  • Botanical name: Lycaste aromatic
  • Flower colour: orange, white and yellow

6.  Cycnoches Orchids:

Also called the swan orchids, cycnoches orchids share their appearance with lip-like sculptures and columns in orchid species. On our orchid species list, Cycnoches is a unique variety encompassing both female and male flower buds. Their blooms are impressive yet fancy and come in a wide range of colours, ranging from deep red, yellow, bronze, white, and green. 

Native to tropical America, especially Southern Brazil, Southern Mexico and Bolivia, these orchid flowers usually bloom in a moist, warm, open canopy of trees as terrestrials on logs.

orchid species list
  • Botanical name: Cycnoches
  • Flower colour: bronze, yellow, deep red, green and white

7. Ludisia Orchids:

This orchid species name has flowers that are pretty in a sorted way while its leaves grab your attention. Also called jewel orchids, they are known for their colourful leaves. It is a great indoor addition as these types of orchid flowers require little maintenance and flourish in the shade. 

types of orchids flowers

This variety comprises only two genuses: Lus Ravini, which belongs to the Philippines and Lus Discolour, which belong to Indonesia, China and other regions of Southeast Asia. They can be grown in indirect, medium light and easy flowers to water. They have a habit of creeping growth, so they do well in shallow, wide pots. 

  • Botanical name: Ludisia
  • Flower colour: white coloured with yellow centre

8. Zygopetalum Orchids:

Belong to regions of South America, these orchid flowers variety has a strong aroma as well as a waxy texture. They have different colours of blooms with various patterns combined like patchworks or collages. Yet another best combination on this orchid species list, their flowers are both small and large. They are typically green with a maroon design with a large lip in a complementary color. 

types of orchids flowers

Being a highly fragrant orchid species that range from spicy to peppery and chocolate, the Zygopetalums variety is a top-notch choice. If given the best care, they will thrive up to 4 times a year, lasting up to 3 to 4 weeks. 

  • Botanical name: Zygopetalum
  • Flower color: green, burgundy, purple, blue and white

9. Cymbidium Orchids:

Commonly known as boat orchids, these orchid flowers usually thrive outside. This variety can withstand low and drier temperatures and even little amounts of frost. They produce thin, long leaves, adding an eye-catchy touch to the indoor space. Pick a store-picked plant and wait until it starts flowering in the spring for the best possible results. Due to blooming all time, this genus is considered the best orchid species name. 

kinds of orchids and their names
  • Botanical name: Cymbidium
  • Flower color: yellow, white, green and pink

10. Dendrobium orchids:

This orchid genus is epiphytes that thrive on other objects in the wild. Dendrobium thrives well in high humidity but avoids overwatering. Their orchid flowers are light-coloured cum delicate. Usually, they produce green to purple blooms.

  • Botanical name: Dendrobium
  • Flower color: pink, lavender, purple, orange, white, red, green, yellow and mottled brown

Propagating Orchids are the best way to keep your Orchid garden growing forever.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many types of orchids are there?

28000+ species of orchids have been detected. These are divided into 850 small groups, each known as a genus. 

What is the most common type of orchid?

The most common type of orchid is Phalaenopsis, also known as the Moth Orchid. They come with flat, wide, dark colored leaves arranged opposite each other.

What is the famous orchid flower?

The most famous orchid variety is Phalaenopsis having up to 20,000 combinations. These species differ in the number of flowers, color, number of branches, and height of the flower stalk. They can thrive for up to 12 weeks.

What are the two main types of orchids?

Epiphytes and Terrestrial orchids are the two main types of orchids. Epiphytes are built up of orchid cultivators that thrive in trees. On the other hand, terrestrials are built up of orchid cultivators that thrive on the landscape.

How many types of orchids are there in India?

It is approximate that around 1,300 species of orchids are available throughout India. 

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