How to Propagate Palm from Seeds?

How to Propagate Palm from Seeds?
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Propagation of tropical plants like palm from palm tree seeds brings curiosity in many gardening lovers. Since these plants are easily found on online plant supply websites and nurseries, growing them at home is handy. Unless you are an expert at growing from palm seeds, this will be a bit challenging.If you are looking for the right guide or tips on how to propagate areca palm from seeds, you are at the right place! Here we are going to talk about methods of propagation, especially from seeds, and tips to maintain its health till it turns into a fully grown plant.

Things to consider before Propagating Palm from Seeds:

Before you start growing palm trees at home, you must determine what type of palm tree you wish to sprout. Choose one that is ideal for the location where you live in. Before spending investing your time and bucks in palm seeds, you will need to know what kinds of palms grow well in your area. This is because some palm tree demands a warm climate while few do well in shade. 

Advice: Propagation of Areca Palm from Seed is comparatively easier and less demanding than other palm types. 

Furthermore, unlike other types of plants, such as cactus, palm trees cannot live for long periods of time. Saying this means you have to really take care of them when growing palm from palm tree seeds. Note: Growing palm by Seed can be successful if grown indoors where there is enough light available. Placing them in a proper sunny spot ensures that they will thrive well in a short period of time.

Propagation of Areca Palm from Seed: Overview

  • Choose the best quality palm seeds to begin the propagation. These seeds are available in green, orange, or brownish color. As compared to orange and brown seeds, green ones are considered premium, but they take more time to pop out.
  • Next, place the Seed into the mix of soil.
  • Keep the seeds 1 inch deep into the soil mixture.
  • During the germination process, keep the soil moist.
  • Keep your plant container in a spot where bright indirect sunlight reaches.
  • Make sure the temperature is between 70-80 degrees F.
  • With proper care and maintenance, you will find a tiny palm coming out after one month.

Step-by-step guide on how to propagate areca palm from seeds:

There is a wide variety of palm trees, and areca palm is one amongst the popular varieties. In terms of growth rate, size, amount of care they need, and hardiness, each variety differs from one another. While some palm versions have ringed and smooth as well as old leaves scares over them, others feature furrowed, rough trunks.

In this section, you’ll learn how to propagate areca palm from seeds:

Pick your seeds (Areca Palm Seeds Online or form Plants)

To begin growing palm from palm tree seeds, you have two options to choose from: Wild Seed and Commercial Seed.

If you are looking for seeds that are already germinated, you will need to pick commercial seeds. These seeds are ready to pot in the garden or lawn. However, some commercial cultivars may not be suitable for typesetting if they are produced from Seed rather than by propagation or grafting.

Palm Seeds

Wild Seed, on the other hand, avails from the production of existing palm plants already grown in your lawn. While some palm trees produce more fruit, others produce less than normal. If a tree produces an excessive amount of seeds, it will drop them on the ground. The seeds will not all sprout because they are not feasible until they have received the right kind of care and gone through an era of dormancy.

Where to buy palm tree seeds?

You can either look for areca palm seeds online or visit nearby nurseries to own the best palm seeds

Soil preparation

For the propagation of an Areca Palm, the next step is to start preparing the soil. All you need to plant your seeds in a potting mixture using perlite, peat moss, and sand. Add some horticultural charcoal into the container and mix them well. Doing so will ensure healthy growth while preventing root rot. 

Pot the seeds: Take 4 to 6 palm seeds and spread them with soil 1-4 inches deep in each pot. Then, cover the container with plastic wrap or wrap to keep the moisture in. Instead, you can put newspaper on top of it. Don’t forget to poke holes in the cover to provide adequate air circulation.

Regular watering in sprinkling form is recommended. Moreover, you should keep an eye on the seeds every couple of days. If seedlings appear, remove the plastic cover and move them to a brightly lit location. To know how to propagate areca palm from seeds, make sure that your palm is not wet, as this will lead to disease. 

Note: When your plant’s tree begins to appear from the seeds, there is no need to fertilize them at first. If they continue to grow, feed them a weak matter-based fertilizer. It is recommended to add a palm fertilizer formulated for palm trees.

Repot the saplings

Repotting is the last and final step in the propagation of Areca Palm from Seed. Most of the time, the plant tree should be about a foot high around four months later. It is the right time to keep the plant outside. Choose a location where direct exposure to the sun is restricted while the plant receives partial shade. 

Dig a hole the same width as the pot, about 18 to 24 inches deep. Replant your palm plant in the hole. In the meantime, be sure to avoid disturbing the root ball. Put some soil in the hold and tap on it with your hands. Do not fertilize at this time. Pour water deep into your palms once a week. Dig up some soil around the trunk and check the moisture to make sure your palm tree is getting the proper amount of water. In case of dryness, frequent watering is suggested.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the effective way to germinate palm seeds?

High temperature is a must for the best germination of palm seeds. The accepted range of light is 70 to 100 degrees F, while 85 to 95 degrees F provides the best results. However, most palms can be germinated with full indirect exposure to yoga, although the leaves of some cultivars may be slightly bleached. Understory palm seeds germinate best in the shade.

2. How much period is taken for a palm tree to grow from Seed?

About 70 days will be taken for the palm tree to sprout from its seeds. At the same time, some palm tree takes 6 months to grow.

3. What is good soil for palm seeds?

Potting mixture along with perlite, peat most and sand is good for palm seed. If you add some horticultural charcoal into the mixture, it does well.

4. Which palm variety grows fast?

King Palm is the fastest-grown palm variety that can live up to more than 140 years.

Bottom Line of Propagating Palm Seeds

Planting palm trees from palm seeds is a rewarding task. With the right amount of sunlight and temperature, you will have a fresh growth of palm trees. This is an additional bonus to your garden space. Therefore, you should try the propagation of palm from palm seeds.



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