Money Plant Care 101: Tips and Tricks for Healthy Growth and Easy Propagation

Money Plant Care 101: Tips and Tricks for Healthy Growth and Easy Propagation
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Money plant gives your indoor space a tropical feel, and it has a distinctive spot among houseplants. Other popular names of Money plants are Pothos, Ceylon Creeper, and Hunter’s Robe. You should learn about money plant care tips if you are a beginner gardener.

Money plant is found in a wide range of species under different colors. This low-maintenance, hardy plant enhances indoor space and the pleasant look of every garden. Even though it is native to northern South America and Mexico, money plants are also very famous in East Asian countries.

To get those big fresh, green money plant leaves that purify the air, read the money plant growing ideas and money plant care tips below.

money plant care

Quick Detail of Money Plant

Other Common NamesGolden pothos, devil’s ivy, silver vine, etc.
Typeherbaceous biennial
FloweringGrowing one year and blooming the next
LightMedium to bright indirect light
Water Once in 7 or 10 days
SoilWell-drained soil
Fertilizer (money plant care fertilizer)Milk-based fertilizer
HabitatNorthern Australia, Southeast Asia (Japan, Bangladesh, India, and China)
Common DiseasesRoot rot and white rust
Scientific NameEpipremnum aureum

Money Plant Buying Instructions (money plant care tips)

Before taking a look at how to grow money plant indoor, you will have to decide first to grow a plant from cuttings or directly in water. Keep the following tips in mind while buying it:

  • From nurseries, you can buy money plants. At this place, they are available in poly bags or pots. 
  • The money plant propagation from the leaf, especially from nodes, requires you to take cuttings from a well-grown, healthy mother plant.
money plant care

Overview of Money Plant

Money plant is an excellent houseplant that will give you a humid feel. Due to having bright, long green leaves that look like leaves and braided stems, it is considered a palm and a tree. People worldwide believe that money plants offer good luck, prosperity, and a positive vibe to the space where they place. Additionally, the plant can reduce anxiety and stress while helping relieve sleeping disorders.

In the next sections, you will understand the following aspects:-

  • How to grow money plant in water faster
  • How to propagate money plant in water
  • Money plant propagation from leaf (nodes), etc.

Some other varieties of money plants are available around include:-

  • Pearl Jade Pothos
  • Green Queen Pothos
  • Silk Pothos
  • Neon Pothos
  • Golden Pothos
  • Marble Queen Pothos

Advantages and benefits of Money Plant

Some of the biggest benefits of having or gifting money plant include:-

  • It keeps negative energy away.
  • A little care and maintenance are required for money plant care indoor.
  • Money plant purifies the environment and air you breathe.
  • Enhance humidity in the air.
  • Support good health.
  • Give an appealing look to the interior space.

Money Plant growing and caring tips

Money plant care tips consist of multiple steps, from soil to temperature, sunlight to water, food to humidity, toxicity, and fertilizer.

1. Sunlight:

If you ask how to grow money plant indoor, first you need to place your plant in direct, bright light. However, moderate to bright sunlight is best for your plant. Simply put, the plant should be placed in bright sunlight, whether indoors or outdoors. Avoid unnecessary movements and allow the plant to settle in one place.

Note: Excessive sunlight will damage the leaves even a small amount of light will turn the green leaves yellow and slow down their growth.

2. Water:

You can propagate money plant in water as well. The next money plant care tips include providing a proper amount of water for proper blooming. Be sure to keep the soil from drying out. Whenever it seems that the soil has dried up, water it properly. Always clean the leaves of the money plant by sprinkling a few drops of it to get rid of dust. This process will enhance the process of photosynthesis.

Note Water your plant when the soil volume is 50 to 75% dry.

3. Soil:

The soil you use for a money plant should neither be hard nor too wet or boggy because if it expands from the nodes, it will not survive. Add some sand to make the soil absorbent. Avoid giving too much water. But if the top layer of the plant becomes dry, give it some water.

4. Temperature:

The proper temperature where it is appropriate to keep your money plant is between 65 and 80 degrees F.

5. Soil Mixture:

If you think about how to grow money plant in water faster, you should add some fertilizer to your money plant, especially homemade fertilizer. To prepare the soil mixture, you need to mix coco peat, compost (kitchen compost, leaves compost, cow dung compost, other), neem cake powder, and river sand.

6. Fertilizer:

Frequent fertilization (during the spring to fall season) is recommended when growing money plant at home. You can begin with cow liquid fertilizer with high NPK. When using non-liquid fertilizer, you can’t change its soil or add cocopeat. Subsequently, you can put liquid at that time. Note: The money plant care fertilizer should be given at intervals of 20 days. When it comes to feeding your money plant, make sure it is given a diluted fertilizer that contains less fertilizer and more water.

Important money plant care tips:

  • Avoid the usage of strong liquid fertilizers.
  • Excessive fertilizing can lead to stunted growth, yellowing leaves, and other issues.

7. Additional care:

Since a money plant requires a stable environment, don’t move your plant regularly. Money plant care tips also include pruning which should take place at regular intervals to ensure new growth of the money plant. Avoid excessive pruning, as this can slow growth and reduce overall health.

Apart from this, to keep the money plant in its place, give it proper support with a jute stick, moss stick, or another stick covered with cloth. If you are planning to grow a money plant, get a jar, pot, or container about 8 to 10 inches in size. Alternatively, you can go for hanging pots.

Pest and other problems with Money Plant

In addition to learning about money plant care tips, you should know about the common problems associated with this houseplant. The most common pest and other issues include:

  • Leaves turning brown
  • Dehydration
  • Root rot
  • Leaves curling
  • Insufficient sunlight
  • Leaves are falling
  • Leaves turning yellow
  • Fungus Gnats
  • Mealybugs
  • Bacteria wilt
  • Leaf spot, etc.

Money Plant propagation

Now, it’s time to know about money plant care in water or how to grow money plant in water faster. Simply put, this section is all about money plant’s propagation:

Money plants can be propagated with various methods, such as cuttings, soil, water, coco peat, leca balls, etc.

Money plant care in water:

This method of propagating requires you to cut the lower leaves on the above of the stem. Add them to a glass or plastic bottle which is filled with water. The bottle must contain two to three aerial roots. Don’t submerge the leaves in the water. The outcomes in the form of roots will start appearing in a couple of days.

Money plant care in soil:

Add four to five cuttings in the soil and water them well. That’s it for this propagation method.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you propagate a money plant?

Begin by cutting a leaf stem off the main plant. Keep this cutting in a vessel filled with water. When the roots are formed, handle them gently, so they don’t break. Top them up by making a hole and placing the roots in fresh potting mix.

How can I get my money plant to propagate faster?

To make money plant propagation faster, you need to keep your plant in a jar or vase with a wide mouth. Add tap or fresh water and add some compost.

How do you take care of a money plant?

Money plant requires bright sun (indirect) and a partially shaded location to thrive. But also note that too much sunlight can damage the leaves, while too little light can cause the leaves to wilt & turn yellow. Keep these things in mind while taking care of the money plant.

How do you take care of a potted money plant?

Keep your money plants in a place where sunlight reaches them. This will make them grow well. Additionally, the water should be changed every two days. If your plant has grown in water, there is no need to add manure.

What is the best fertilizer for a money plant?

Home-based fertilizer is best for money plants. These fertilizers are tea solution, eggshell liquid fertilizer, cow dung liquid feed, banana peel solution, etc.

Should money plants be kept in water or soil?

Money plants can be kept in either water or soil, but do not do things like changing the plant from soil to water and vice versa. Growing in water makes plants’ leaves softer than growing in soil.



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