Types of Philodendron Plants

Types of Philodendron Plants
Types of Philodendron Plants
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Types of Philodendron Plants: Your Ultimate Guide to the Different Varieties and Species for Indoor and Outdoor Greenery

Philodendron is extremely simple, easy to care and the most famous houseplants worldwide. Usually, all types of Philodendron plants have large, beautiful shiny leaves, making them enchanting yet ideal for indoor and outdoor locations. 

With so many varieties of Philodendrons, choosing which will be best is a bit difficult. The leaves of each variety are different, and some species are rarely found. This means that each species has its own characteristics.

For example, the light philodendron varieties adapt to indoor environments even though sunlight is not direct or warm enough. Keeping them alive can be tough when it comes to light and water. 

To help you choose the best, we have listed down philodendron varieties with pictures and names:

List of best philodendron varieties:

1. Bernardopazii (scientific name: Philodendron Bernaordopazii):

Incepting in the Brazilian jungle, this variety of Philodendron is a distinctive plant featuring white veins on the above, and red veins below, as well as features large shiny green leaves. It is amongst the low-maintenance types of philodendron plants. The plant produces pretty white flowers that have a light green appearance.

  • Indoor/Outdoor 

Grows in humid, warm conditions (standard household temperatures)

2. Atabapoense (scientific name: Philodendron Atabapoense):

One of the best philodendron varieties that grow in well-drained, moist soil, Atabapoense belongs to the Amazonian region and Venezuela. This cultivator is a viney, climbing plant that requires little effort to thrive. Partial light is perfect for the Atabapoense and is tolerant of an overlook, making it the most suitable choice for beautifying the home and office.

  • Indoor/Outdoor

Grow outdoors for climate locations 9 through 11. But, it rarely thrives indoors.

3. Joepii (scientific name: Philodendron Joepii)

Joepii is one of the unique and rare philodendron varieties that belong to the South American Jungle. Owning a strange three-lobe pattern looks like a break from dragging or chewing, though it is normal. Its leaves reach up to 27 inches long with proper maintenance and care. This cultivator features white or purple colour blooms. It also requires frequent pruning to maintain its optimum growth size and remove dead leaves.

  • Indoor/Outdoor

Joepii is not able to tolerate winter outdoors. As a substitute, it requires a warm indoor environment to stay healthy.

4. Lacerum/ Window Leaf Philodendron (scientific name: Philodendron Lacerum)

The types of philodendron plants also contain the Lacerum species, which is adjustable to numerous environments as a hemiepiphyte climber or an epiphyte. Another name is the Giant Elephant Ear plant. It creates large leaves that look like elephant ears. Owning floating roots makes this variety simple and attractive. Those who are too picky with tropical plants and don’t need much care and maintenance must check out this variety and other similar philodendron varieties with names.

  • Indoor/Outdoor

This variety can be grown outdoors in mild conditions or grown as houseplants.

5. Plowmanii (scientific name: Philodendron Plowmanii)

This variety of Philodendrons is a perfect choice for one wishing to have many heart-shaped leaves in its surroundings.  It is a rare philodendron variety comprising bright yellow, lime green, and dark green leaves. Being a terrestrial creeper, plowmanii can be grown on the landscape. Owning this beautiful plant will make a great centrepiece inside your home. But note that it is also very toxic, so take care that no one ingests any part of it.

  • Indoor/Outdoor

Grow these types of philodendron plants indoors in locations where winters get chilly as well as where temperatures are warmer. During the warmer summers, you can grow it outside the location. 

6. Xanadu (scientific name: thaumatophyllum Xanadu)

Sometimes known as the Philodendron Winterbourn, Xanadu is an excellent choice for various plant lovers. It is considered one of the best philodendron varieties reason could be a requirement for less care. It produces bright green leaves with deep divisions within their lobes, giving an airy exotic feel to a space. Native to Brazil, it usually thrives indoors in a manner similar to other Philodendron species.

  • Indoor/Outdoor

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

7. Thai Sunrise (scientific name: Philodendron sunrise)

On this list of philodendron varieties with names, next, we have Thai Sunrise. The speciality of this variety is imparting a breathtaking view. It looks like a climbing plant; it provides vibrant lime colours that blend light, yellow, and dark green. Their leaves can be between 7 to 10 inches long, attracting the attention of plant lovers.

The availability of stems on these philodendron plants offers a pop of colour, even though it rarely produce flowers. But note that this plant requires the right location and duration for about 16 years to thrive.

8. Brazil (scientific name: Philodendron Brazil)

Native to Central & South America and the Caribbean, this philodendron features bright yellow and green colours. It is said that the Brazil cultivator counts amongst the low-light philodendron varieties, even though indoor thriving is rare. This plant can revert to its heartleaf parentage if it doesn’t get the appropriate nutrients and care. Anyone looking for a plant to make a hanging basket or shelf look appealing should plant this cultivator. 

  • Indoor/Outdoor

Despite the fact that this variety thrives in low-light conditions, make sure it should not be kept in high summer. 

9. Erubescens (scientific name: Philodendron Erubescens)

Native to South America, Costa Rice and Central, Erubescens is an attractive houseplant for office or home. These types of philodendron plants produce narrow green leaves with red undersides and highlights. 

The results are red, which makes them remarkable against the bright green foliage. Not surprisingly, this variety doesn’t require intensive maintenance and care, but be sure to prune it regularly to keep it handy.

  • Indoor/Outdoor

Growing indoors throughout the year but can be kept outside as well.

10. Green Congo (scientific name: Green Congo Philodendron plant)

In the Philodendron varieties list with pictures and names, the green congo species is completely unique since its presence of new leaves in shiny, deep red colour which later turns to a dark green, burgundy hue. Its appearance makes it beautiful scenery for an indoor tropical location. They curate fragrant flowers that differ in colour from green, red, or white. 

  • Indoor/Outdoor

It can be grown in shaded outdoors and bright indoors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the most beautiful philodendron?

Painted Lady

What are some common types of philodendron plants?

These include:
Green Heartleaf Philodendron
Philodendron Xanadu
Blushing Philodendron
Philodendron Pink Princess
Philodendron Prince 
Philodendron Crassinervium

Can philodendron plants be grown outdoors?

Being a tropical plant, philodendron grows in a warm climate.  To make them thrive outdoors, you must live in an area with hot summers and warm winters in USDA zones 9-11.

Can philodendron plants grow in low-light conditions?

Of course, yes! Philodendron plant thrives in a better manner in low light. Moreover, they required medium to low light levels to grow faster and produce more leaves. This quality makes them a perfect fit for indoor spaces.

Are philodendron plants low-maintenance?

Philodendron plants are very easy to care for. This light green plant is the preference of most homeowners due to its simple nature. While being sensitive to environmental elements, it is a highly low-maintenance plant.



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