Spider Plant: Air Purifying and Easy to Grow Plant – Details and Care Tips

Spider Plant: Air Purifying and Easy to Grow Plant – Details and Care Tips
Spider Plant
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The spider plant is an ornamental plant and is the most adaptable and easiest to grow. The plant can grow under a wide range of conditions and does not suffer from many problems other than browning of the tips. The spider plant obtained its name from the spider-like leaves, or spiderettes, which hang down like spiders on a web from the mother plant. They help in purifying the air.

Overview of Spider Plant

They are perennial flowering plants belonging to the family of Asparagaceae. The roots are tuberous, and the leaves are long and slender, have rosette arrangement with green and white colors, and can grow up to a height of 20-45cms. The plants flower during summer and are mostly formed in clusters. The inflorescence can carry the plantlets which develop adventitious roots when they touch the soil. This can be further separated as an individual plant.

Special features of Spider Plant

The leaves are attractive with yellow and green stripes. The young ones develop from the stalks that hang from the mature plants. The plants are very easy to propagate and maintain. They have an ability to purify air.

Uses of Spider Plant

  • Ornamental plants.
  • It helps in purifying the air

General Care for Spider Plant

Soil: It requires well-drained potting soil.

Watering: Watering should be done regularly but without making the soil soggy. The soil should neither be too dry nor should not have too much moisture.

Light: They prefer indirect sunlight. Direct light can be harmful to the leaves and can also burn the leaves causing brown tips or spots.

Fertilizer: Any common house fertilizer can be added twice a week during summers. Over fertilization can be harmful and should be avoided.

Pruning: It can be pruned occasionally. The unhealthy, diseased, or dead leaves can be pinched off. The pruning of the leaves is done from the base and regular pruning can maintain the health of the plant.

Diseases in Spider Plant

They are mostly attacked by mealybugs and scales. This can be prevented by spraying the soap solution on the leaves.

The leaf tips can turn brown due to dry soil or reduction in humidity or because of the presence of salts and fluorides in water. This can be prevented by keeping the soil moist and making sure to water the plants with filtered water.

Propagation of Spider Plant

The propagation is done with the help of the spiderettes. When they meet the soil, small adventitious roots develop. The small plantlet can either be cut out from the parent plant or can be left attached to the plant till the root develops.



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