Ornamental Water Plants

Ornamental Water Plants
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Top 10 ornamental water plants for a Beautiful Aquatic Garden

Unlike the regular lawn filled with ample flowers and plants, the water garden is unique as well as aesthetic. And in this, Ornamental water plants provide an exotic touch to your garden or pond while making it a habitat for many bird species. Plants that appear on the surface of the water are attractive to watch. 

Apart from being alluring, these plants help to oxygenate water in fishponds and aquariums. Additionally, the leaves of these plants will be a great source of shelter and food for a variety of fish.

While the most common pond plants are submerged in the aquarium or pond water, some are above the water feature, either in the landscape. To make your water garden feel complete and beautiful, you’ll have a wide range of options, from marginal to swap, floating to submerge. 

The best ornamental water plants include water lilies, exotic lotus flowers, and delicious water poppies. To learn more about ornamental water plants, read the article below. It will teach you about the best plants and flowers for an aqua garden or pond.

ornamental water plants

List of 10 Ornamental Water Plant

1. American Lotus

ornamental water plants

One of the excellent aquatic plants for water gardens, the American Lotus, has large umbrella leaves, which grow up to two feet tall. The yellow petals of the flowers emerge from the water at the end of the tough stems. It thrives in full sun, especially in hot summers. The American Lotus is best suited for water gardens, small garden ponds, and outdoor fish ponds. They thrive well on the banks of the pond but can also be grown in a shallow pond. The biggest benefit of growing American lotus is that it will add bright colors in the middle of the pond.

2. Water Poppy

It is considered the most beautiful water plant, which is why it is mentioned here in the water plants names list. The water poppy is a really attractive and attractive plant for a water garden. What set it apart are its beautiful lime-yellow flowers, heart- and green-shaped leaves, and reddish-brown centers. It will grab your attention due to its attractive visual appeal. This can be an ideal choice for your water garden.

ornamental water plants

Keep in mind that water poppy requires proper sunlight when grown in shallow ponds that contain calm water. Best of all, this plant blooms continuously throughout the summer.

3. Water Iris

ornamental aquatic plants

One of the most beautiful ornamental water plants, the water Iris is a perfect addition to the water garden. Since water iris has well-designed flowers and tall stems, it brings an attractive look to your water garden. You will be amazed to see its colorful yet distinctive flowers that make you feel happy in hot weather. It will produce blue and purple flowers and thrive well, two to three feet tall, with long stems. Since the iris can withstand frost, it can be a great choice for colder climates. But keep in mind that it should be grown in partial shade.

4. Water lettuce

ornamental aquatic plants

Also called Pistia Stratiotes, Water Lettuce is one of the common pond plants. Due to its lettuce-based growth pattern and being ornamental plant, it is preferred by most gardeners. In addition, it will be easy to care for and maintain. Because water lettuce has long roots, it provides shelter for frogs and young fish while filtering damaging nitrates from the water. It grows very quickly in every environment.

5. Water Lilies

ornamental aquatic plants

On this list, water lilies are the best ornamental water plants. In your water gardens, water lilies can be a great addition. These are distinguished from opulent flowers that indicate all colors in the light range, such as green, orange, red, blue, indigo, violet, indigo, etc. Its leaves usually float unless they are crowded and more or less rounded. This water plant is perennial and has two groups, including tropical and hardy. 

6. Broadleaf arrowhead

water plants names list

Sometimes called duck potato, the broadleaf arrowhead is one of the beautiful ornamental aquatic plants. This perennial water plant features unique, broad arrowhead-liked leaves. It features white flowers, which are attractive enough while having a curved arrangement. The best spot to grow broadleaf arrowhead is swamps, streams, and shallow water. It thrives up to a height of two to four feet on the landscape of the water and typically grows between the month of July and September.

7. Mosaic Flowers

water plants names list

Another great ornamental water plant is the false loosestrife, also called Mosaic Flower. This plant is perfect for lakes, ponds, and marshy landscapes. It comes with thick diamond-like leaves that grow in rounded clusters, which resemble a mosaic pattern. For tropical climates, this aquatic plant is a great choice. Since it thrives well in zones 10 and 11, you can grow this floating plant in containers or sink it into a pond 1.5 feet deep. For best results, it should be grown in full sunlight.

8. Water Hyacinth

common pond plants

What sets the water hyacinth apart from other aquatic plants is its bright blue or purple color. This liveliness makes this water plant even more attractive and graceful. The best thing about this aquatic plant is that it thrives on land and spreads easily underwater. Not only does it make lawns attractive, but you can also use water hyacinth to treat wastewater, medicinal purposes, biomass, and furniture. Surprisingly, watercress is consumed in some parts of the world.

9. Water Forget-me-not

Our water plants names list is incomplete without this aquatic flowering plant, which is best suited for water gardens and wet garden landscapes. It features light blue flowers that appear throughout summer. In addition to this, it has semi-evergreen foliage and grows well in poorly drained soil. Best of all, water forget-me-not plant is easy to care water plant, making them ideal for growing in water gardens, ponds, or stream banks. Also known as Scorpion grass, it should be developed in partial shade or full sunlight.

10.  Pickerelweed

common pond plants

This flowering plant is one of the appealing ornamental water plants that can thrive well in lakes, ponds, wetlands, and rivers. Being an aquatic plant, its root spread in submerged soil, and foliage and flowers grow above the water. This water plant has purple flowers and green leaves. The best place to grow pickerelweed is in wet conditions and in full sun. For fishpond, pickerelweed is a great choice.

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What are examples of water plants?

The best example of water plants includes Indian Lotus, Watercress, Water Caltrop, Chinese water chestnut, water lettuce and white water lily.

What are 5 plants that grow in water?

Plants grown in water are water spinach, lotus, water chestnut, taro, and watercress.

Which plants are suitable for a water garden?

Plants like Elodea, Callitriche, Ceratophyllum, Vallishneria, and Ranunculus are the most suitable plants for the water garden.

What are the 4 aquatic plants?

Some best examples of aquatic plants are water lilies, floating hearts, water hyacinth, and lotus.

What are aquatic ornamental plants?

Plants that require an aquatic environment to survive come under the aquatic ornamental plant category. Also called macrophytes or hydrophytes, aquatic ornamentals thrive near water or submerged, floating or emergent.

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