Alyssum Plant: Stunning and attractive flowers

Alyssum Plant: Stunning and attractive flowers
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Image by Henryk Niestrój from Pixabay

Alyssum plants are flowering shrubs and commonly grown as a ground cover or on the hedges. The bright, multiple colors add beauty to the garden. These plants when grown under proper conditions has less care and do not require much maintenance.

Quick Details of Alyssum Plant

Other Common NamesCarpet Flower, Alyssum, Sweet Alyssum,
TypeOutdoor flower shrub
LightBright direct sunlight
WaterDeep water ones a week or when the soil is dry.
TemperatureWarmer climatic conditions with normal humidity
SoilWell draining rich loamy soil
FertilizerA balanced fertilizer ones a month
HabitatEurope, Africa and Asia
Common DiseasesRoot rot, leaf blight, downy mildew, aphids
Scientific nameAlyssum spp., Lobularia maritima

Alyssum Buying Instructions

  • Buy a bushy and healthy Alyssum plant.

Overview of Alyssum Plant

Alyssum Plants are annual or perennial flowering shrubs belonging to the family Brassicaceae. The plants are native to Europe, Asia and North Africa. The plants grow up to a height of 100cm tall. They are low lying plants and are mostly grown as a land cover. The flowers are 4 petaled and can be in white, pale pink or purple colored. The leaves are small, oblong, hairy and gray-green in color. The plants can reach maturity within 2 months and blooms from June- October.

Some of the common varieties that are grown are:

Snow princess: White colored large flowers with distant scent, can tolerate harsh conditions.

Pastel carpet: Plants with pink, lavender and white flowers.

Snow crystals: white colored flowers, blooms mostly from late summer to winter.

Easter bonnet deep pink: The flowers are pink in color and bloom from summer.

Violet queen: the lowers flowers in the bunch are dark purple in color whereas the upper flowers are lavender.

Royal carpet: Purple flowers that fade to lavender and white as it reaches the top.

Usage and Advantage of Alyssum

  • Grown as an ornamental plant.

General Care for Alyssum


They prefer a well draining, rich loamy soil with a neutral pH.


Deep water the plants ones in a week or when the soil starts to get dry. Make sure the soil is dry before watering them or the plants can get infected with fungal pathogens and wilt.


They prefer bright direct sunlight. In places with harsh summers the plants can be grown in partial shade as well. They bloom when they receive ample amount of sunlight.


These plants are native to temperate regions and prefers a warmer climate. They can tolerate humidity if the moisture content in the soil is adjusted and the plant is provided with proper aeration.

Special Care of Alyssum Plant

Prune the plants back to 1/4 its length after blooming to promote bushier growth. Deadheading helps in increasing the blooming period.


They do not require much feeding if grown in a fertile soil. The plants grown in pots can be fed ones in a week with balanced fertilizer.

Pests and other problems for Alyssum

They are not prone to any pests or diseases when grown in optimum conditions. The plants are almost resistant to most of the common pests and diseases. Excess moisture in the soil or on the surface of plants can lead to root and stem rot , downy mildew, damping off and leaf blight. Make sure to provide them with right amount of water and avoid overhead watering. Provide enough space between the plants so that there is proper air circulation. The plants can also be prone to attacks of aphids. Spray soap solution or neem oil to get rid of them.

Propagation of Alyssum

The propagation of alyssum plants takes place mostly through seeds. The seeds can be sown indoors and later the seedlings can be transplanted outside once 3-4 true leaves appear.

Sow the seeds indoors in a well draining potting mix. Do not cover the seeds with soil. Spread them on the surface of the soil. Water the plans and provide them with ample amount of sunlight to aid in germination. It can take around 2-3 weeks to germinate.

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