Star Window Haworthia care and details:plants with unique attractive leaves

Star Window Haworthia care and details:plants with unique attractive leaves
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Image Source: Image by TuJardínDesdeCero from Pixabay

Star window haworthia care is very easy and they are evergreen succulents grown for their attractive leaves. They are resistant to drought and pests.

Quick Details of Star Window Haworthia Care

Other Common NamesStar Window Haworthia
TypeIndoor/outdoor plant
FloweringThroughout the year
LightLow to moderate bright indirect sunlight, can tolerate partial indirect light.
WaterWhen the soil is dry
TemperatureWarm humid conditions
SoilWell drained sandy soil
Fertilizer Any liquid houseplant fertilizer
Habitat Namibia, South Africa
Common DiseasesSpider mites, Root rot
Scientific nameHaworthia venosa

Star Window Haworthia Buying Instructions

  • Buy a plant with as many as possible baby plants coming out from the sides of mother plant. It will help you in propagation and increase your succulent collection.
  • Check the roots. Roots should be developed fully.
  • Plant should not have dry leaves.

Overview of Star Window Haworthia

Star window haworthia are evergreen succulent flowering plants belonging to the family of Asphodelaceae. They are native to Namibia and South Africa.

The leaves are thick, fleshy, green and triangular shaped with white lines on the upper surfaces. Their teeth like bristles in the margins. They bloom during winters and bear a racemose of white flowers. The upper surface of the leaves are marked with six pale vertical lines and the lower surface is round, having scales, the upper part is re-curved and has white teeths.

Usage and Advantage of Star Window Haworthia

  • Grown as an ornamental plant.

Star Window Haworthia Care – General Tips

Special care:

Star window haworthia care is very easy and it does not require much maintenance. The plants can be re-potted once it outgrows the pot. The re-potting should be done during summer or spring.


Star window haworthia prefer well drained soil. any commercially available succulent potting soil can be used. The soil should be well drained and well aerated.


Star window haworthia do not require much water. The plants are drought resistant and prefer the soil to be dry. They can be watered once in a month during winters and whenever the soil dries during other seasons.


Star window haworthia thrive in shady regions with partial light. Bright light is required to bring out the colour in leaves.


Star window haworthia are slow growing plants and do not require much fertilizer. The plants can be fed with diluted liquid fertilizer during spring.

Pests and other problems for Star Window Haworthia

Star window haworthia are resistant to diseases and pests. They face problems mainly due to over watering or under watering. Over watering can lead to root rot. Lack of water can turn the leaves yellow and lack of light may result in developing the colour of the leaf making them look pale.

Propagation of Star Window Haworthia

Star window haworthia can be propagated through stem cuttings or through offsets.

Offsets: The offsets can be collected from the mother plant during spring and planted separately to grow into a new plant. The offsets can be collected during re-potting. The mother plant is uprooted and the offsets are cut out from the parent plant.

Stem cuttings: A healthy growing stem can be cut from the plant and left to dry till a callus forms on the cut. After the formation of callus, the tip can be dipped in rooting hormone and planted in moist soil.

During the growth of the cuttings or the offsets the soil should be moist and it should be provided with ample amount of sunlight.

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