Umbrella Plant: Easy to Grow Decor Plant – Details and Care Tips

Umbrella Plant: Easy to Grow Decor Plant – Details and Care Tips
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They are easy to grow and low maintenance ornamental plants. they can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The plants are grown for its beautiful looking arrangement of leaves which looks like an umbrella. They are semi aquatic and require ample amounts of water for their growth.

Quick Details of Umbrella Plant

Common NameUmbrella Palm, Umbrella Sedge, Umbrella Papyrus, Umbrella Grass
TypeOrnamental semi aquatic plant
Maintenance Low/Moderate
LightBright Direct Light
WaterAs semi aquatic plant, it required ample amount of water
Temperature Can survive the harsh climate up to an extent
Soil/MediaAny soil if grown in only soil
One third soil and remaining water if grown in submerged way
FertilizerAny house plant fertilizer like Compost
Common DiseasesMostly resistant to diseases but
Scientific nameCyperus alternifolius

Overview of Umbrella Plant:

They are evergreen plants belonging to the family of  Cyperaceae. They are native to  the swamps of Madagascar. They grow well in boggy conditions with their roots submerged in water. The leaves are needle-like and arranged in clusters, serrated and look like the spikes of an umbrella. They flower during summers. The flowers are non-attractive. The stems are mostly green


  • It is the most commonly grown landscape plant
  • It is an ornamental plant.

Umbrella Plant General Care:

Watering: They are semi aquatic plants and require adequate water for growth. In natural habitat the plants grow in damp wet soil. The plants can be either watered regularly to maintain moisture or can be planted near ponds to obtain the required amount of water.

Light: They prefer warm, humid climates with partial shade. The plants can withstand direct sunlight but harsh rays can burn the leaves. The plants however cannot tolerate cold climate and the leaves can turn brown when exposed to too much cold. The plants can be transferred indoors during winter.

Fertilizer: Any liquid fertilizer can be added once in a two month.

Pruning: The dead or dying stems and leaves can be pruned out. The roots of the plants grow deep and can sometimes outgrow the pot. The roots can be cut once in 2 months to prevent the spread of the root.

Diseases in Umbrella Plant:

Not prone to many diseases. However, it can be affected by spider mites. The leaves can turn brown in the absence of enough moisture. 

Propagation of Umbrella Plant:

The propagation can be done through seeds, cuttings and division.

Seeds: The seeds can be directly sown on the wet soil. It can be either buried ½ inch deep inside the soil or simply sown over the soil. it should be watered regularly.

Division: the plants can be divided from the base and can be grown as a separate plant. The plant can be grown in any kind of soil. They grow best in standing water and bog plant soil. A soil that is a mix of peat, loam and moss with a pH range of 5.6-6.6 suits the best



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