Best fruits you can grow in the terrace garden

Best fruits you can grow in the terrace garden
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Best fruits you can grow in the terrace garden | Easy to Grow and Care

Have you ever dreamed of turning your terrace, balcony, or patio into a dreamland of lush fruits? What are you waiting for? Planting trees laden with different types of fruits can not only fulfill the nutritional value of your body but also make the fruits available whenever you want to eat them. 

With the best fruit plants for terrace garden guide, growing more and more fruits can be possible. In this way, you will not only utilize space in a better way but also cultivate various types of fruits in the exposure to sun, warmth, and water.

Either you can grow a grape bush, an apple tree, or even a blackberry. What’s better than mango fruit? Think of strawberries as something your kids might enjoy. Fruits such as strawberries are particularly suitable for growing on a terrace.

To get the juicy flavors and natural taste from your terrace fruits, ensure they are kept equally in the sun and shady places. If you are planning to grow peaches, apricots, and cherries, the location you choose for gardening should be bright and warm. 

So, finally decided on homegrown fruits! But don’t forget to check the list of fruits below that will grow well in your small space.

fruit plants for terrace garden

List of best fruit plants for terrace garden 

1. Strawberry

Botanically called Fragaria ananassa, Strawberry is all set to delight you with its sweet taste, red color, and appearance. After all, it is a delicious yet healthier fruit, loved by everyone. This is an easy-to-grow perennial fruit plant that will amaze gardening enthusiasts with bountiful harvests for many years. 

The results grow from the ends of delicate leafless twigs. Of all the terrace garden fruits, strawberries are an excellent choice for container planting. Being a perennial fruit plant, you do not need to replant them frequently. But, in cold weather, you must keep the strawberry pot indoors.

5 benefits of strawberry

Freezing outside will prevent the plant from growing. It will be beneficial to grow it in addition to a choice for container growers on the terrace. This includes making delicious cakes, pies, and desserts.

2. Blueberries

Terrace gardening in India has become popular over the years. Among all the fruits to be grown on a terrace, blueberry cultivation in a pot is one of the best things to do. Two plants will be required to avail the yummiest experience at home.

fruit for terrace garden

To grow blueberries in a container, you need a container that is 18 inches in diameter, and the pot must be at least 16 inches tall. Doing so will help get as many berries as possible to bake delicious treats like pies, cakes, muffins, and more.

3. Currant

One of the best fruit plants for terrace garden that will satisfy your jam cravings. Do you love eating jams? If yes, then you must plant currants. Although most of you would be unaware of such fruits; they are small berries similar to gooseberries. They grow on medium bushy plants. Apart from being delicious, it is rich in minerals like vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. It is also a good source of vitamins.

fruit for terrace garden

Planning to grow currants on your terrace? Plant them in pots, and avoid growing them in containers. This is because container planting will not work as compared to planting in a pot. To do this, you need a large pot. Add some compost mixed in their soil, and give enough water. That’s it. When in bloom, their bushes look attractive, adding an exotic touch to your terrace space.

4. Oranges

Oranges are a good source of calcium, Vitamin C, fiber, and calcium. Any variety of oranges can be grown in containers, but they may grow poorly in pots because of their large size. However, dwarf varieties are the best orange versions for container cultivation. Choose hybrid fruit plants for terrace garden to get the irresistible flavor sooner. Hybrid versions bear fruit early and stay compact.

fruit for terrace garden

This tree requires a location with well-draining soil and full sun. They need to enlarge space approx 15 feet away from other plants to spread evenly. Weeds and grass compete with the young potted tree for nutrients and water, so keep them away before you plant your fruit tree.

5. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is one of the best terrace fruits that can be grown easily. It works as a traditional medicine, magically keeping you away from stomach problems. The seeded version is ideal because it contains a high concentration of compounds that are natural disease deterrents.

5 benefits of strawberry

All you have to do is water it more often than other trees, once a week. Pomegranate cultivation on the terrace needs extra attention. Place them in a large pot or container. For those who have extensive terrace space, raising the bed can be of great benefit to you.

6. Watermelon

Growing watermelon on a terrace can be daunting, but it is possible by keeping it in a container. This potting method keeps your space neat and organized by preventing spillage from spreading throughout the garden

fruit plants for terrace garden

Because watermelons require large amounts of water, you should use a self-watering container if you are growing them in a container. Notably, watermelons can be grown both indoors and outdoors. In addition to water, they demand sunlight, which can either be directly from the sun or artificial light.

7. Pineapple

Our list of the best fruit plants for terrace garden is incomplete without pineapple. This plant rarely grows more than 3 to 6 feet tall and is smaller than others. In addition, they have shorter roots than other pineapple plants, making them suitable for cultivation in containers and pots. A humid and hot environment is needed to let them thrive. They may be exposed to adequate hours of direct sun each day as an indoor plant in chilly climates.

5 benefits of strawberry

8. Cantaloupes

What’s the first thing hits your mind when you hear about Cantaloupes fruit? Of course delicious and juicy taste! The good news is that you can even grow it on your terrace. However, this fruitful plant demands a sizable container for growing. Create a branch or trellis to provide and maintain maximum space for the vines to spread out nicely. In addition to being sweet in taste, melons are great fruits for terrace gardening because of their prolific vines.

5 benefits of strawberry

9. Papaya

Most of us think of papaya as regular fruit, but the availability of enzymes and nutrients make it suitable for eating every day. Start with Papaya in Terrace Fruit Gardening. Gardening enthusiasts are advised to plant more than one papaya tree. Maximum planting will provide fruit throughout the year. Best of all, the plant offers fruit within a year after growing and is simple to maintain.

hybrid fruit plants for terrace garden

10. Passion fruit

Delicious yet amazing, passion fruit is another best fruit plants for terrace garden. You can grow it in a pot no matter where you live. It will only need to be potted once as a permanent creeper. The only thing it needs is to support its vast harvest.

hybrid fruit plants for terrace garden

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you grow in a terrace garden?

Fruits like apricot, strawberry, apple, blueberry, raspberry, citrus, lemon, and plum can be grown in a terrace garden. Besides fruits, various types of vegetables are easy to grow.

What kind of fruits would be better to grow on the rooftop and why?

However, a variety of fruit crops can be cultivated on the terrace. These include avocado, mango, and guava. Lemons and pomegranates are two of the best fruit choices to grow well in large pots, as they can be the ideal centerpiece of your terrace, looking amazing with glossy leaves, juicy fruits, and fragrant flowers.

Which fruit plant grows very fast?

Berries are considered the fastest-driving fruit, especially blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries. As opposed to vegetables, fruits flourish more slowly, but some cultivate faster than others.

What is the easiest fruit to grow at home?

Some of the easiest fruit to grow at home include:
1. Blueberries
2. Strawberries
3. Figs
4. Raspberries
5. Citrus fruits like lemon
6. Gooseberries
7. Grapes, etc.

Which fruit takes two years to grow?

And the answer is apricot. It is enough to cultivate a single plant in the terrace garden. Unlike other fruits, apricots grow rapidly and start bearing fruit between 2 and 4 years old.

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