Monstera Plant: Shade loving plants with unique looking leaves.

Monstera Plant: Shade loving plants with unique looking leaves.
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Image by Anca Dorneanu from Pixabay

Monstera Plant, the evergreen climbers are one of the easy to grow and popular houseplants grown today both at homes and at offices because of their unique and beautiful leaf design and low maintenance. They are easy to care and are peat and disease free.

Quick Details of Monstera

Other Common NamesSwiss cheese plant, Split leaf philodendron
TypeIndoor houseplant
FloweringMid- summer
LightPartial shade or filtered light.
WaterRegular watering
TemperatureWarm humid conditions
SoilWell draining slightly acidic soil
FertilizerWell balanced liquid fertilizer
HabitatCentral America
ToxicityCan impart allergic reactions and skin irritation
Common DiseasesAphids, mealybugs, spider mites
Scientific nameMonstera deliciosa

Monstera Buying Instructions

  • Monstera Plant is a slow growing plant so buy the as per the need if you are buying for aesthetic purpose.
  • Buy a plant with clean leaves with no pest infection.
  • Mature leaves split in multiple sections so do not consider it damaged.

Overview of Monstera Plant

The Monstera are epiphytic plants belonging to the family Araceae and are native to Central America. The plants have large, glossy thick leaves with aerial roots. The heart shaped leaves can measure up to 20-30 inches long in wild.

Monstera Plant

The plants grown indoor can grow up to a height of 7-10 ft. the leaves of younger plants are entire and small and does not have any lobes or holes whereas, as the plants grow older, the leaves develop lobes and large perforations.

They bear flowers which are yellowish white spadix covered by a hood like cream white spathe. The flowers are perfect and self pollinating. They are also called as the split leaf philodendron and swiss cheese plant. The leaves can impart allergic reaction and an also cause skin irritation. The aerial roots are used in making baskets and ropes.

Usage and Advantage of Monstera

  • Grown as an ornamental plant.
  • The roots are used n making baskets and ropes.
  • The roots are also used as a medicine against snakebite.

General Care for Monstera Plant

Soil for Monstera Plant

Monstera plant prefer a well draining peat based potting mix. Add rocks to increase aeration. If preparing the soil, use a well draining, sandy, loamy with slightly acidic pH. Make sure to add rocks or peat.

Water requirement for Monstera Plant

Monstera plant prefer relatively dry soil. Water the plants when the soil starts to dry. During growing seasons and when the plant si in dry conditions, water the plant regularly. Make sure not to overwater the plant. Water the plants 2 or 3 times a week or when the soil becomes dry during winters and in colder regions. Preferably use filtered water to water them. Deep water the plants ones a week.

Mist the plant in summer season and keep the leaves hydrated.

Sunlight requirement for Monstera Plant

They prefer bright indirect sunlight or filtered sunlight. Bright direct sunlight can be harmful to the plant and it can burn the leaves. The plants are best suited to be grown as indoor plants. If grown outdoors, place them in complete shade.

Temperature for Monstera Plant

The plants prefer warm humid conditions. They are shade loving plants and are best suited to grow in indoor temperatures. The best climatic condition to grow them are 15 to 23 degree Celsius. They prefer high humid conditions, use a pebble tray or mist the plants to provide enough humidity mostly during hot dry climatic conditions.

Special Care for Monstera Plant

The plants require very little care if grown in optimum condition. Make sure to provide enough humidity to the plant, if grown in dry conditions. Stake the plant for the stems to have a support and grow. Use rocks or peat in the potting mix to provide enough aeration. Re-pot the plants into a wider and deeper pot when they outgrow the pot. Wipe the leaves with a clean cloth to keep them clean and free from pests. They do not require much pruning. However, the aerial roots can be trimmed if they start to fall out of the pot due to lack of space.

Fertilization requirement for Monstera Plant

Feed the Monstera plants with a balanced organic fertilizer or liquid fertilizer ones in 2-3 weeks during the growing season.

Pests and other problems for Monstera Plant

They are pest free and disease free houseplant if maintained in proper conditions. They are not prone to any diseases however, if not maintained, they can be attacked by pests. Some of the common pests seen to attack the plant are aphids, mealybugs, thrips, spider mites and scales. Wipe the leaves clean to prevent pest attack. Use a mild pesticide or insecticide to get rid of them.

The plants can face problems due to overwater/ underwatering or excess sunlight. Some of the problems faced are:

The leaves turn yellow and the stems turn black if they are over watered.

The leaves turn crispy and brown at the edges and the plants start to wilt in underwatered plants.

Propagation of Monstera Plant

The propagation of Monstera plant can be done either by stem cutting, through division or through air layering.

Stem cutting is one of the easiest and common method of propagation. cut a healthy part of the growing stem just below the leaf node. Remove ant leaves at the bottom of the stem and plant them either in a well draining potting mix or water. Dipping the tip in rotting hormone can help develop roots faster.

These plants can also be propagated through division of suckers. Divide the suckers bid enough (30 cm minimum) and gently place them in soil. Water them regularly till they sprout.

Air layering is another method used in propagating Monstera Plant. Select a leaf that has an aerial root right below it. Cut the stem below the 1/3 of the total width and wrap the leaf joint and the stem using a sphagnum moss , water the moss and cover it with polybag. Ones the roots develop, Cut the stem and plant it separately.

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