15 Best Indoor Ornamental Plants: Make your surrounding better

15 Best Indoor Ornamental Plants: Make your surrounding better
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Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

There are many Indoor ornamental plants which not just adds beauty to your home and office but also keep you indoor air clean and increases oxygen levels. There are lots of plants which are capable of removing many harmful chemicals and toxins from the air.

Indoor Ornamental Plants

Below is the list of best ornamental plants which require very less or medium care:

Indoor Ornamental Plants

1. ZZ Plant

Extremely low maintenance plant which can survive event months without watering.

Snake Plant - Best air purifying and easy to care plant

2. Snake Plant

Provides oxygen day and night. Best table top indoor ornamental plant.

indoor ornamental plants

3. Boston Fern

NASA recommended air purifying plant. Good plant to keep in bathroom.

indoor ornamental plants

4. Dieffenbachia

Best suitable plant for space filling inside your home has attractive large leaves.

Plants to gift

5. Aglaonema

Very easy to care adds colors to your home decoration and also a Feng shui plant.

Syngonium - Air purifying and easy to care plant

6. Syngonium

Hard to kill good luck air purifying plant known for attractive foliage.

indoor ornamental plants

7. Rubber Plant

Attractive air purifying plants are known for their ability to absorb toxic substances from the air.

Indoor Ornamental Plants

8. Money Plant

Most popular across the world improve the air quality and are also known for bringing luck.

Monstera Plant

9. Monstera

Shade-loving plant with big leaves, good for keeping at home as well as in the office.

indoor ornamental plants

10. Peace Lily

Perfect tabletop plant with beautiful white flowers. Good air purifying plant.

indoor ornamental plants

11. Areca Palm

Best suitable for any corner near your sofa or table. Very easy to maintain.

indoor ornamental plants

12. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Plant with big leaves can be planed in any corner of the house and adds beauty.

indoor ornamental plants

13. Spider Plant

The plant can be grown in any condition and can become an integral part of your decor.

indoor ornamental plants

14. Lucky Bamboo

The best plant to keep in the office is a tabletop plant and also a good choice for gifting.

indoor ornamental plants

15. Philodendron xanadu

Evergreen plants suitable for landscaping and indoor decor requires minimal maintenance.



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