Organic Gardening: Concept and Benefits

Organic Gardening: Concept and Benefits
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Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

If you have even a little space on the terrace or balcony you can start organic gardening. Organic gardening provides you pest free fruits and vegetables.

If you have little space you can at least grow Coriander, Pudina, Spinach, Methi and Chili in your limited space without putting in much effort. 

Organic Gardening Concept:

Organic gardening is the form of gardening where you do not use any synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides on your plants. Just growing plants at your home is not organic gardening. We try to use our traditional methods to fertilize our plants and even for making them pest free with the help of natural pesticides and tricks.

Benefits of Organic Gardening:

Organic gardening brings us close to nature and also provides us healthy vegetables and fruits. We can start organic gardening from our terrace or balcony.



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