Side effects of Bathua

Side effects of Bathua
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Along with lots of health benefits there are some side effects of Bathua if consumed improperly and in more quantity. We all know the health benefits of BathuaBathua is sound green, whose leaves contain numerous supplements and are gainful for health. Bathua is likewise viewed as extremely valuable in relieving stomach infections. Yet, as there are pros and cons of everything in the nature, eating bathua in abundance can harm our health as well. In this article, we’ll get some information about Side effects of Bathua.

Why there are side effects of Bathua?

Actually, Bathua is categorised as a weed. It grows on the farms during the winter season without sowing seeds. Previous year seeds germinate when there is a proper whether for it. People also grow it for commercial purposes.  Following are the few reasons which are responsible for the side effects of Bathua. 

  • Bathua leaves are rich in oxalic acids, which tend to tie with calcium and decrease the accessibility of calcium for our body.
  • Oxalic acids can cause skin irritation.
  • Bathua seeds are abortifacient (that which will cause a premature delivery).

What are the side effects of Bathua?

Following are the few disadvantages or side effects of Bathua:-

  1. Stomach Pain and Constipation – Yet, Bathua is used for treating diarrhoea in traditional medicines, over-consumption of Bathua can cause stomach pain and constipation. Winters are the perfect time of consuming Bathua but we should take it in controlled quantities. We can overcook the Bathua recipe to reduce the side effect.
  2. Miscarriage Risk – As Bathua seeds are abortifacient in nature, pregnant ladies should not consume Bathua in enormous amounts. Its utilization can cause premature delivery. In such a circumstance, it would be better to eat Bathua solely after the guidance of the specialist.
  3. Skin Allergies –Those whose skin is touchy may have an unfavourably sensitive issue due to commonly consuming an extreme measure of Bathua.
  4. Lack of calcium in the body –There is a high measure of oxalic acid in the greens of Bathua, which reduces the calcium intake in our body if consumed in very high quantities. Little overcooking of the Bathua in any form can reduce the oxalic acid content and will become less harmful for consumption.
  5. Allergy from Pollen: Flowers of Bathua seeds contains pollens which can cause allergy in some people. Normally people who work in fields are at risk of an allergy. 


Adding Bathua or chenopodium collection to your eating routine can offer many advantages separated from the extraordinary taste. Yet there are some side effects of Bathua but the advantages are much more and a limited quantity of consumption of Bathua will have almost no side effects. Still, some precautions have to be taken by pregnant women and people who are allergic to Bathua. 

Nutritionist says that having a good amount of Bathua during winters can altogether lift your nutrient intake and further develop cell reinforcement action, which thus can make all the difference for your immunity. Bathua can be consumed in many ways such as vegetables, soup, paratha, powdered form and Kadha.

Green vegetables overall are stacked with dissolvable and insoluble fibre, nutrients, minerals, iron, folic corrosive, calcium and potassium and aside from keeping you from seasonal infections, they are also safe from ongoing sicknesses like cardiovascular problems and diabetes and constipation.

Health Benefits of Bathua
Health Benefits of Bathua

Yet there are some side effects of Bathua but it has lots of health benefits if consumed in proper way and quantity.



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