Water spinach: The Best way to grow Water spinach Seeds

Water spinach: The Best way to grow Water spinach Seeds
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Water spinach is a semi aquatic plants that are grown for its leaf. Water spinach seeds can be easily propagated at your terrace garden. Waterspinach plants are rich in nutrients, and is consumed as a vegetable, used as an animal feed, has medicinal properties and are also used in phytoremediation. They are hardy plants and are easy to care and has low maintenance.

Quick Details of Water spinach

Other Common NamesKangkong, Kalmi saag, Trokuon, Naari ka saag (North India), Water cabbage. Water spinach in Chinese is known as ong choy
TypeSemi aquatic leafy vegetable
LightBright direct sunlight
WaterRegular watering
TemperatureWarm climatic conditions
SoilAny kind of soil
FertilizerNot required. In case of any pale leaves, add a nitrogen rich fertilizer.
HabitatSouth east Asia
ToxicityNil, can be allergic or cause some side effects in few.
Common DiseasesDamping off, Aphids, leaf spot.
Scientific nameIpomoea aquatica

Water spinach seeds Buying Instructions

  • Water spinach seeds can be purchased from online as well as from off line shops.
  • Buy quality water spinach seeds and always look for the expiry date on the packet.
  • Normally you will not find it in nursery, if you get it from vegetable shop with little roots, you can propagate the same as well.

Overview of Water spinach

These plants are semi aquatic plants grown in the tropical regions. They are consumed as a vegetable. The plants require mosit soil or water to thrive. They can grow up to a height of 5- 7 ft height. The leaves are arrow shaped and have a tapering end. They are flat, green in color and wide. The plants bloom during summers, producing a white color flower.

These plants are a rich source of Vitamin A, minerals, iron, antioxidants, magnesium and potassium.

Usage and Advantage of Water spinach

  • The leaves are consumed as vegetable.
  • They are used in traditional medicine to treat a number of ailments.
  • The plant is used in phytoremediation.

General Care for Water spinach


They thrive in nutrient rich soil that is wet but not soggy.


Water them regularly to maintain the soil wet.


They prefer bright direct sunlight.


These plants thrive best in warm climatic condition. These plants can tolerate any amaount of humidity. They cannot thrive good in extreme heat or cold.

Special Care:

They do not require any care.


These plants do not require any feeding. In case of any pale leaves, add a nitrogen rich fertilizer.

Pests and other problems for Water spinach

These plants can be prone to pests like woolly-bear caterpillar, aphids and thrips. In case of pest attack spray neem oil or any organic pesticide.

The plants are also prone to some of the diseases like:

Damping off:

This is a fungal disease caused by different fungal pathogens including Fusarium. The infected roots and stems of the plants especially the seedlings starts to rot, which causes the plants to wilt and die. In case of any infected plant get rid off it.

Leaf spot:

Leaf spot is a fungal disease that is caused by the pathogen Cercospora. The infected plants develop spots that are brown in color. The infected leaves have a rusty look. The infection spreads quickly causing the leaf to wilt and die.

In case of signs of any fungal infection, get rid of the infected part of the plant. Spray a fungicide to prevent the further spread of diseases.

Propagation of Water Spinach Seeds

Sow the water spinach seeds 1/4 inch deep into the ground and cover it with a thin layer of soil. Make sure that the soil is wet. Keep watering them everyday. Provide it with ample amount of sunlight. The seeds should start germinating within few days.

Propagation of Water Spinach from Stem Cutting

If propagating through stem cuttings, make sure to select a healthy growing stem and cut 15 to 20 cm long. Plant the cutting at least 5 -10 cm deep into the ground and water them regularly.

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