What is Pruning?

What is Pruning?
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Gardeners are well familiar with the term Pruning. Pruning is the process of cutting some or many branches of a plant. Pruning is typically done to trigger new growth in a plant and to maintain a plant in the required shape and size. There are typically two types of Pruning:

Soft Pruning

Soft pruning is a regular process for most of the plants which are grown in pots. During soft pruning, we cut thin branches of the plant and leave the think branches or main branches as it is. Typically soft pruning is done regularly for plants such as Rose, Mogra, Hibiscus, bougainvilea, Champa and other woody flowering plants. Soft pruning can also be done for the foliage plants such as money plants, monstera, and philodendron for making them bushy.

Hard Pruning

During hard pruning, we cut lots of main branches as well and make the plant at least ⅓ of the original plant size. It provides new growth to the plant. Hard pruning should be done carefully and the season of the plant should be well thought through before hard pruning. 

Hard pruning can be done before the dormant period of the pant. It will minimize the plant’s food requirement during the dormant period, but sometimes it depends on the plant and plant health.

Things to take care of while pruning plants

  • Your objective of pruning should be clear like you are doing pruning to make pant bushy, for more flowering, or just to keep the plant in shape and size.

  • Always used sterilized censures or blades. Use an alcohol-based solution to sterilize the censures and blades.

  • Your secure or blade should be very sharp so that it is not damaging the plant tissues

  • Use cutting for propagating plants. It will provide free plants and reduce your gardening budget.

  • Soft pruning can be done a couple of times in a year but hard pruning should not be done more than once a year until very exceptional.

  • Provide proper fertilization to the plant after pruning as the plant will require lots of nutrients for growth and flowering.

  • Flowering plants should not be pruned during flowering otherwise their flower buds will be damaged.

Advantages of Pruning

  • Pruning helps the plant to get rid of dried leaves and branches.

  • Pruning can also help in getting rid of some infestations

  • Pruning helps the plant to grow new branches and leaves

  • Pruning helps in maintaining a plant in the required shape and size.

  • In many plants, pruning helps in enhancing flower growth such as Rose,  Champa, Mogra, Bogenbelia, etc.

  • Pruning can help the good growth of foliage plants.



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