How to reduce your gardening budget?

How to reduce your gardening budget?
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How to reduce your gardening budget refers to a gardening method where different components of gardening are optimally utilized to lower gardening costs. 


Gardening as a passion can be an expensive affair if you are not careful about some unique methods and practices. Gardening can be done on zero budget and at the same time, you can spend lots of money to make your garden look good and produce lots of flowers fruit, and vegetables. Here we will understand some of the practices to minimize the gardening budget.


Collect cuttings and seeds free of cost

Buying plants is constantly. Nowadays good quality permanent plants are expensive and can put a load on gardeners’ pockets. Gardening beginners fail initially many times in caring for plants and their plants die soon after they are bought from nurseries. Our nature is full of plants, wherever we go we can see different types of plants. Just keep a sharp cutter with you and you can take cuttings of lots of plants from roadside, parks, and gardens. There are lots of plants that can be easily grown from cuttings:-

  • Foliage Plants: Coleus, Corotons, Jade, Rubber plant, Diffenbechia etc

  • Flowering Plants: Portulaca, Marigold, Jasmine, Hibiscus etc.

  • Succulents and cacti can be grown from leaves and stem cuttings such as Snake Plants, Alovera, Echeveria, Jade Kallancho, Hawarthias, Mother of thousands etc. Succulents will be difficult to get from parks and roadside but you can easily get from your friends and relatives.

Make your own compost

Buying compost every time can be an expensive affair. You can make your own compost with the help of kitchen and garden waste. Either you can buy a compost bin or it can be made from the old containers or clay pots. Just we need to take care of a few tips for making compost bins at home. Watch the below video for compost making.

Make your own seed starting soil

Yet seeds can be grown in normal garden soil as well but to increase the germination rate you can use the below combination for germinating seeds. 50% Cocopeat, 30% Compost, and 20% Perlite if available.

Propagate your plants

This is the best mechanism to reduce your gardening budget. Learn propagation and then keep your pants propagating. Successful propagation will give a gardener lot of personal satisfaction and learning about the plants and nature. Plants can be propagated from Stem cuttings, leaves, seeds, and the division method.

Collect seeds from your flowers

Seeds can be collected from flowers that we grow and next year same seeds can be used for growing plants. Flowers, fruits, and vegetable seeds can be collected easily to help budget gardening.

Exchange seeds and cuttings with your friends and gardening enthusiast

Exchanging seeds and cuttings can help in lowering the gardening budget. This will also help in identifying good gardeners in the locality and friend circle. In addition to this, there will be lots of idea exchange between gardeners and ultimately help in enhancing the gardening skills of individuals.

Better care for the plants

This helps indirectly the gardening budget. Good plant care ensures the long age and propagation opportunity of the plants. Someone needs to buy fewer number plants if plants are taken care of well. Better care also increases gardener confidence and happiness. 

Use empty boxes and polybags as planters

Love plants, not planters if you want to do budget gardening. Plants can be grown in things that can contain soil. It can be a plastic box, thermocol box, clay pot waste polybags etc. Sometimes people spend more on planters than plants. This trick can reduce 30-40 percent of your gardening budget.

Exchange tools​

Normally terrace and balcony gardeners require very minimal gardening tools but people who manage a backyard garden or any garden which is managed on ground require some amount of tools. Sometimes these tools are expensive. Gardeners can collaborate with fellow gardeners and share the gardening tools to reduce gardening expenditure.

Buy things in bulk and save

Gardeners can buy things in bulk and save things for the future for budget gardening. When you buy in bulk you have bargaining power and things become cheaper. Compost, Pots and even plant seedlings can be purchased in bulk. Even multiple gardeners can collaborate to buy things in bulk and then distribute in between.

Select plants smartly

Last but not least, select plant smartly. Buy plants that can be easily propagated. Beginners can buy easy to care plants so that they are not killing many plants while learning gardening and increasing their gardening budget.

If you follow all the gardening tips and methods then this will definitely reduce you gardening budget.

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