10 Best Indoor Plants for your home and office

10 Best Indoor Plants for your home and office
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Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

We have read many articles and seen many videos on best indoor plants. Here we are trying to be a little different. Our choice of indoor plants is completely based on following points:

Criteria to select the plants:

  • Air purification capabilities
  • Low maintenance required
  • Low water requirement
  • Compatible with low light
  • Good in decor

Please remember no plant is an indoor plant, yet we can grow some of the plants indoors by providing appropriate environments like temperature, light, water etc.

The plants which comes on the top of the list are:

Spread the loveThey are an indoor ornamental plant with huge leaves. It is difficult to

Lucky Bamboo is one of the most gifted plants at different occasions because of its Feng Shui properties. It is said that Lucky Bamboo attracts positive energy to the environment and brings good health, happiness, prosperity, longevity in life and good luck into the home where it grows.

Areca plant is a semi shaded or indoor ornamental plant that is easy to grow and maintain. They have wide foliage adding to the beauty of the room or balcony. The plant also purify the air by removing the toxins present in them.

Spread the loveMoney Plant is one of the most common plant in Indian homes. They

They are ornamental plants grown because of their large and shiny leaves. The plants also act as air purifiers and are said to improve the quality of air in the room. They have the ability to absorb and destroy toxic substances.

Spread the loveThe spider plant is an ornamental plant and is the most adaptable and

Spread the loveJade plants are common house plants across the globe. There are multiple varieties

Spread the loveSnake plant is one of the best air purifying foliage plants. This is

If you are looking for a hardy plant that can withstand any indoor condition, this is the one for you. Depending on the lighting situation of your home or officer, this plant will adapt itself easily. In addition, it grows well inside the containers.



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