How to water Succulents – The best way

How to water Succulents – The best way
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Survival key of Succulents are in Watering

  • Most of the people are not able to grow succulents properly just because of over watering.
  • As succulents can thrive on limited water so never over water these plants.
  • Provide water to these plants as per season and temperature. General thumb rule water these plants when at least the top portion of the soil got dry enough.
  • Never put water on the plant leaves or stem. Just put water directly in the soil or for best care if possible keep a succulent pot in a mug or bowl filled with water for 5 to 10 minutes whenever you want to water succulents.
  • These plants have very thin roots and if you provide more water, roots of the plant will get rotten and your plant will die.
  • Please remember these plants can survive in limited water but can not in more water.


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