How Grow Champa Plant? 

How Grow Champa Plant? 
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The Champa plant is one of the most versatile plants

How to Collect Seeds or Cuttings of Champa Plant?

Collecting Champa seeds or cuttings is challenging as they are not commercially available. However, you can get from your known sources either from seed banks or from somebody you know who has a Champa plant. Champa seeds or cuttings are commonly harvested during the fall or spring. You can also try to get them online but they might not ensure the quality.

How to Select Champa Seeds?

Champa seeds are not true to their parents and the seedlings never look the same even though the seeds look alike. Consider the following characteristics while selecting the seeds.

  • Determine the size and colour of the flower and how long it lasts. Ask about the fragrance of the flower while choosing the seeds.
  • Ensure the size of the leaves and their colour.
  • Consider the growth habit and size of the Champa plant while getting the seeds.
  • Get clear and adequate information about the blooming characteristics of Champa. For example, about its quality and size, the number of flowers it can bloom at a time, how long it blooms, etc.

How to Germinate the Champa Seeds?

Wrap the seeds with a wet paper towel and keep them for a full day. The seeds will absorb moisture. When you see them swell a bit, they are ready to get into the soil. Also, make sure to have a warm temperature while germinating the seeds. Follow the below tips to ensure seed germination.

  • Once you get the seeds or seed pods, fill tiny pots or plastic trays with a well-drained and rich potting mix.
  • Now, put the seeds in the potting mix but ensure the wings stick up.
  • Place the germinating pots or trays under direct sun and ensure moisture in the soil.
  • The seeds should take around 21 days to germinate to start with your Champa plant care.

How to determine the Right Pot for Champa Plant?

Choosing the right pot for appropriate watering of the plant is the most important part of growing Champa in pots. The pot should be spacious enough and have enough root room for the plant to grow actively. In fact, Champa plants in the garden or open ground grow and bloom better compared to plants in pots. 

So, determine at least a pot size of one gallon for each foot of the Champa trunk or branch. A large pot with enough room for root growth leads to enhanced moisture in the soil. It also helps the plant to consume adequate nutrients from the soil. Eventually, it ensures a healthy Champa plant that produces many big and bright flowers.

Steps to Plant a Champa in a Pot

  • Cut a good and new growing 12-inches limb tip with pruning shears. Plant the Champa at 10-inches deep in the pot which has topsoil at one part and sand in another. You need to replace the plant with a bigger pot after 2 years and plant at 14-inches deeper.
  • Regularly water the plant on the dry soil as part of your routine Champa plant care. Place your finger into the ground up to an inch. Don’t water if you feel your finger watery. 
  • Place the pot under direct sun for maximum sunshine and some afternoon shade.
  • Champa should do well with the normal temperature of 13 degrees C day and 31 degrees at night.
  • Nitrogen-10, Phosphate-50, and Potassium-10 should be the ideal fertilizing measures for the plant.
  • Regular pruning is essential for the plant to grow and bloom better. Make sure to make angle cuts and remove the top branches.

How to care for Champa Plant?

  • The Champa plant requires full sunlight.
  • Do not underwater or overwater the plant. Provide an adequate amount of water as per the weather conditions.
  • Provide compost at least once a month or two months. Remove the topsoil of the pot if you are growing the plant in the pot and fill it with compost and new soil mix. If you are growing the Champa plant in the ground sprinkle compost nearby the plant.
  • Till the top 2 inches of the soil of the plant at least 2-3 times a month.

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How to perform Champa Cutting?

Choose a healthy and fresh mother plant for cutting and make sure the milky sap dries after cutting. A minimum of 12-inches cuttings should go well for the cuttings. 

Now it is time to prepare the soil which should be 40% Garden Soil, 30% Perlite and 30% peat. Take the potting mix and fill the pot leaving one or two inches from the rim of the pot. You can dip the cutting into the rooting hormone powder.

Some people keep the cutting for up to a week to dry the cutting. It is now ready to stick in the pot and after doing that you need to press the soil firmly. Place the pot under sunlight and in a warm atmosphere. Regularly water the pot until it drains out through the holes. By 3 to 5 weeks the roots should come out.



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