Best Plants to gift: Start gifting plants on special occasions

Best Plants to gift: Start gifting plants on special occasions
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Are you thinking about a gift? It’s a nice idea to give a plant to someone as a gift. Here is the information about the best plants to gift someone, on special occasions.

Everyone loves plants. Plants can be great living gifts for any occasion. We should encourage people to add some plants to their homes. Many people love gardening, but most of them could not even begin. So, gifting plants to someone can actually trigger them to start with gardening. Special occasions like birthdays, marriage anniversaries, house warming ceremonies, and festivals are some of the occasions when you can gift plants to someone.

There is a huge list of plants which can be gifted, but we will recommend the following plants to gift if you are gifting to someone who is new to gardening:

Best Plants to Gift:

Our list of plants to gift is based on a low level of care and ease of handling while gifting.

ZZ Plant 

ZZ Plant - Hard to kill air purifying plant

With shiny dark green leaves, ZZ Plant comes top on the list of best plants to gift. This plant can be gifted to anyone even if the person does not know anything about gardening or plant care. ZZ Plant can be used as a tabletop or as a decor piece in any corner of the room. It can be gifted on any occasion like House warming ceremony, Birthdays or festivals.

ZZ Plant is a shade loving plant and almost doesn’t require any care. We just need to provide water once in 8-10 days. Just make a request to the person you are gifting, not to over-water this plant. If you are buying the plant from a nursery, ask the nursery person to re-pot it properly. This plant can survive in the same pot for a couple of years.

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Snake Plant

Plants to gift

The next plant on the list of best plants to gift is the Snake plant. This plant is considered the best air purifying plant which makes it a perfect gift for any occasion. Snake Plant can also survive in most conditions easily and do not require much care. It comes in many varieties. The best one to gift is a small variety having variegated foliage with yellow or silvery-white stripes on the leaf margins.

Snake Plants can be kept in shade or indoors or on any balcony with indirect sunlight. This is a moisture-loving plant but we should not over-water it. Once stabilized, the Snake plant can survive for a long time and with the new shoots, it will fill the pot with foliage.

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Lucky Bamboo

Plants to gift

Lucky Bamboo is a very popular Feng Shui plant and is considered a lucky plant. It can be gifted on any occasion such as a birthday, house warming, or when someone is starting any new job or business, etc. Lucky bamboo comes in multiple stalks and there is a different significance of the plant which depends on the number of stalks.

Number of StalksSignificance
1 StackUnity and unobstructed flow of energy
2 StalksGood luck in love makes it perfect valentine day gift
3 StalksContinuous growth and associated to birth
4 StalkAssociated to death so avoid 4 stalk plant
5 StalksProsperity, longevity, luck and happiness
6 StalksOpportunity and luck in business
7 StalksPersonal growth and healthy life
8 StalksBlessings and energy
9 StalksSuccess
10 StalksPerfection
21 StalksHarmony and success

Lucky Bamboo can be easily grown in water. We just need to change the water regularly every 8-10 days and provide some natural sunlight.

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Spider Plant


Low care, attractive foliage, and air purifying capabilities make this plant a good plant to gift. This is the best hanging plant that can be kept at any corner of the balcony or room with indirect sunlight. The name of the spider plant comes from its spider-like leaves, or spiderettes, which hang down like spiders on a web from the mother plant.

It requires moisture so we can spray water in summers but avoid over-watering. The leaves of the plant will get folded from the center if they need water.

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Parlor Palm

Best Plants to gift

Short in height and attractive foliage makes Parlor Palm a great plant to gift. It can be gifted on multiple occasions such as house warming ceremonies, birthdays, or festivals.

Slowly the plant grows and covers the pot with its foliage. This is also a moisture-loving plant so we can spray water on leaves in the summer season. Avoiding direct sunlight and avoiding over-watering is the key to the maintenance of Parlor Palm.

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is a very common medicinal plant and a hard-to-kill plant in any condition. It comes in many varieties and the best variety to gift is the plant with long green leaves. Aloe Vera can be potted and gifted in small pots as well. It can be easily gifted to the kids on their birthdays as it does not require much care and they can easily take care of it.

It grows slowly in small pots and can survive for a long time. Once overgrown, Aloe Vera can be re-potted in a big pot. We can regularly water the plant just to avoid over-watering.

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Money Plant

Plants to gift

Money Plant is the most common plant across the globe. A bushy money plant of any variety with upward shoots is the best plant to gift someone. It is to be considered as a lucky plant that brings good luck to the home it grows. Each branch of the Money plant has five leaves and it is said to represent the 5 elements of our earth – Fire, Water, Air, Metals, and Wood.

They can be easily grown in both soil and water and require very little care. The color of the foliage varies from dark green, light green and a mixture of green and white. Money plants are moisture-loving plants and we can spray water on the leaves regularly. 

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Peace Lily

Plants to gift

Peace Lily is a perfect plant to gift to your valentine. It comes with attractive foliage and beautiful white color flowers on it. This plant can be gifted to someone for achieving success as well. Instead of giving a bouquet of flowers, Peace Lily can be gifted which will last very long and remind the movement of success to the person you are gifting. Peace Lily is also a great air-purifying plant.

Peace Lily is easy to grow and care for. Avoid direct sunlight and soil should be well drainage soil. The Thumb rule is not to over-water it and clean the leaves regularly. 


Plants to gift

The best plant to gift at a house warming ceremony. With its attractive foliage, it can be the best bet. The best plant to keep indoors in any corner or near the window. It grows well on the balcony, even with low sunlight. It is also considered a lucky plant.

Aglaonema care is very easy, just do not over-water it and as it is a moisture-loving plant to keep the leaves moist. You can spray water on the leaves once a day in summers and once in 3-4 days in winters.

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Heart Leaf

Plants to gift

Heart Leaf or Hoya Kerrii is the best plant to gift on valentine’s day. These succulent plants are mostly sought after because of their heart-shaped leaves. Choose a red color pot for this plant while gifting it to your valentine.

Heart Leaf care is very easy. Keep the plant in indirect sunlight and do not over-water it. It is a slow-growing plant and will remain as it is for a very long time.

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The above-listed plants to gift are easy to care for and easy to handle while gifting. If you do not have any of the above plants, you can gift one to yourself as well.

Keep smiling and keep gifting plants.



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