10 Important tips to maintain your indoor plants

10 Important tips to maintain your indoor plants
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Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

  1. Selection of the Plant: We should choose plants that can survive in low conditions and require less amount of water to survive. Foliage plants are more suitable for indoor conditions.
  2. Buy always very healthy plants: Specially when you buy any plant for indoor decor, buy always healthy plants whose root system is robust, plant is grown up and leaves looks healthy. This will provide a better chance to survive your plant indoors.
  3. Do not over water: Water the plant as per the need. Push your finger inside the soil and check if it is dry then only water your plant. Over watering causes root rotting and can kill your plants.
  4. Drainage holes in pot: Always choose the pot which should have multiple holes in the bottom. If the planter is not having holes, water will get collected in the pot and roots of the plant will get rotten. You can use discs or decorative bigger outside pots to hold the actual pot. Remember, remove extra water after watering your plant.
  5. Provide sufficient sunlight: Light is important for every plant. Keep your indoor plants turn by turn in indirect sunlight for better plant health. Read our experiment (Importance of Sunlight for Indoor Plants) to know more about the need for sufficient sunlight.  
  6. Fertilize Regularly: As you are growing your plants in pots so to make the plant healthy you need to keep fertilizing the plant for better results. Seaweed solution is one the best fertilizer for indoor plants.
  7. Keep removing dead and infected leaves: It is important to regularly remove the dead and infected leaves from your plant.  You can completely remove the dead/infected leaves or the damaged portion of leave.This will ensure that infection is spreading in other parts of the plant.
  8. Keep cleaning the leaves: You can use a solution of one spoon lemon juice in 100 ml of water to clean your plant leaves. Dip smooth cloth or tissue in this solution and clean your plant leaves. This will maintain plant metabolism and respiration better. This will also provide good look to your plant
  9. Change the water of water plants regularly: If you have grown some of the plants in water. Keep changing the water every week. This will maintain the mineral level in the plants and also avoid fungal infection in roots. While changing the water, clean the leaves and roots as well.
  10. Keep poisonous plants away from pets and kids: There are some of the plants which are poisonous in nature. Keep these plants away from kids and pets.



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