How to take care of peace lily?

How to take care of peace lily?
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Question: How to take care of peace lily?


Some people find it very difficult to care for the Peace lily plant. Technically, Peace lily care is very simple and it is just a matter of some important things to take care of. Most of the people fail as they keep the plant in the wrong place. Placing is very important for Peace lily.

Naturally, Peace lilies grow in tropical rainforests. Tropical rainforests are the place where there are huge multilayer trees and lots of plant species grow at the bottom of the canopy of other plants. Peace lily is one of them. They get filtered sunlight and their soil is always moist. Also there is lots of nitrogen available because of the availability of dried leaves at the bottom. Dried leaves get converted into compost and also minimize the water evaporation.

Coming to How to take care of peace lily? We need to take care of below tings:

Where to Place Peace Lily in Home:

You can place the plant where there is indirect filtered sunlight. If you are keeping the Peace lily plant indoors, choose the place near the window where it gets enough filtered sunlight. At the same time, it should not be exposed to the scorching sunlight event indirectly also. It will be an added advantage, if there is a tree near the window which can provide some kind of shade to the plant.

How to take care of peace lily

Soil Less Media:

There should always choose soil less media  for growing peace lily plants. Also we need to add lots of dry matter in the media like: Dry leaf compost, Cocopeat, Neem Khali, if possible you can add small pieces of tree bark (ped ki chaal) etc. These are the natural ingredients available in the natural habitat of the Peace lily plant. Some time it depends on the whether conditions but for most of the general purpose below soil mixture will work for the Peace Lily: 40% Cocopeat, 20% Compost, 10% Perlite, 10% Vermiculite 20 % some of these material – Dry leaf compost, Neem Khali, Tree Bark, Coco Coir etc.

Watering the Peace Lily plant:

Water the plant only once the soil gets almost completely dry. Adjust your watering as per the weather conditions and the place where you are keeping the plant. Do not over water the plant to avoid root rotting.

Use of Anti Fungal Powder:

We should always add some amount of anti fungal powder in the soil while potting. We can take one teaspoon of anti fungal powder in 1 liter of  water and pour it once every 2 month in the soil. Naturally, there are different mechanisms for the plant to fight the fungal infections. But in our houses we need to take care of it. If we do not do this, root rot is the common problem which can destroy your plant.

Spray Water on the leaves and soil:

We need to spray little water almost every day in summers and as per need in winters to keep the plant hydrated and soil moist. Please remember no need to put lots of water just 5 to 10 ml on a plant will be enough. You can use a small spray water bottle for this purpose.

Keep the plant once a week in an open area:

Last but not least, keep the plant in an open area at least one is a week. Please remember we need to avoid direct sunlight while keeping the plant in an open area. 

Hope this information would have been helpful and you got your answer to How to take care of peace lily plants.

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